Wise moves to make before things are finalized.

Before your divorce goes through, it would be wise to check up on financial matters. It would be better to assess the state of your financial life before the split rather than after.

Financial Steps to Take Before a Divorce

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Paying them down and managing their financial impact.

Coping with College Loans

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How can you make things easier on them later in life?

Worldwide, the number of people aged 60 and older is growing. By 2050, this demographic will be more than twice as large as it was in 2015.¹

Helping Your Parents Manage Financial Tasks

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If you are fortunate enough to own a successful business, you have the ability to forge your own way. Some business owners spend decades building their business up only to see them come crashing down shortly after an ownership transition. Do not let this happen to you! By taking some important steps now, you can greatly improve your chances of a successful transition. With careful thinking and planning, you may even increase your take home pay as an added bonus. Whether your dream is to sell at top dollar or leave a lasting legacy, make sure to avoid these mistakes:

Five HUGE Mistakes to Avoid in Succession Planning for your Small Business

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