We Don't Need You, We Work for the Federal Government

December 16, 2019

By: tpf_admin

By: Kurt LaLomia

I spend a lot of time working with Federal Government Employees and recently, I found myself in an unusual conversation with someone I’ll call Josie.  I was attempting to convey the benefits of our retirement planning services for federal employees.  Josie politely (but firmly!) hit me with the title above.  I was surprised but listened patiently because I was curious to know what she meant.  Josie was persistent and stated her case, telling me that her government benefits were all she needed in retirement and that she saw no need for a financial advisor like me.  When my turn to speak eventually came along, I offered the following:

  • What pension option are you planning to choose?
  • What is your strategy to turn your TSP into an income stream and how long do you need it last?
  • Josie, how is your family impacted? Do you fully understand the steps you need to take to ensure the lifetime healthcare benefits?

Taken aback, suddenly, Josie was now the curious one, listening patiently.  Josie, like many people, thought she had it all figured out and came to realize that she really could benefit from some help.

I love to help federal employees make the right choices with their generous benefits, now and as they approach the retirement phase of their lives.  Federal Employee Benefits are among the very best in the world, but certain aspects can be quite complicated. That is where we can help.

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